Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Updates on changes of plan

1.  I've decided to stay in my present job.  I realized that I was giving my power away to authority in an attempt to avoid conflict. Which would result in feeling really resentful and powerless.  So I'm learning to take my power back and face conflict rather than run away from it.  Plus, my department here really is amazing.  For all of the flaws in our school, I couldn't ask for a better Language Arts department.  Seriously.

2.  We didn't get in to the St. George Marathon.  I'm sad...and a little relieved. I suddenly remembered how much running you have to do when you're training for a marathon and became a little tired at the thought. The Mister is mostly just sad.  He really took off on this idea of running and I've been so impressed by him.  We're talking about another fitness goal we'd like to do instead.

3.  Our second realtor contract has run out and our condo has still not sold.  So we're switching to plan B and looking for a renter.  This was not my preferred plan as I'd rather just be rid of the thing, but c'est la vie. It's less definite and clean cut this way, but we're lucky to be living somewhere else rent free for the time being while we figure out a new way to do finances.

It seems that we're being taught how to go with the flow and let go of what we thought things should look like.

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