Thursday, April 24, 2014


We just moved.  We bought a house in the next town over and we spent the whole weekend moving.  The house is on a quiet street in a quiet neighborhood (so far).  It has a lovely tree in the front yard and the right amount of bedrooms.  However.

I hate moving, and moving while pregnant is worse.  My feet hurt pretty bad by the end of the day and I got tired more quickly.  I also kept wondering what I should lift and what I shouldn't.

We still have a couple loads to get at the old house.  You know the random stuff that piles up in a house you don't really need to survive, but you can't really throw away?  That's the stuff that's left.  It's made me think a lot about how to simplify my life.  All this stuff is merely stuff.  I want less of it.  Except for books.

Moving takes weeks and months to do.  I've decided that my strategy is to do a room at a time.  I can handle that.  When I think about everything we need to do for the whole house, I freak.  But one room I can do.  So on Tuesday night, I got our bedroom together.  Yesterday, I got the kitchen in order.  Today?  Hopefully I can get to the living room.  I think this strategy should apply to my life in general.  When I have it presentable, I'll post pictures.

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  1. I love your strategy, and I am also super glad you put your priority on your bedroom for reasons I won't go into here. :)

    Happy New House!